From Runway to Gala – Latest Fashions to Inspire Your Gala Glam!

fuchsia gown, purple evening dressAs sure as the fall brings changing leaves and cooler nights, it also brings galas – and half of the fun of going to these decadent events is choosing a gala gown that will knock everyone’s socks off! There’s still a while yet until it’s fall proper, but with the Opera Ball and other exciting charity gatherings just around the corner, now’s the best time to start thinking about gala style. Naturally, we’ve got more than a few  ideas we hope will influence your style and give you ideas for how to take your look from the runway to the gala!

Playful details, skin-bearing gowns and unique fabrics are just a few of the gala trends we think will be a hit this fall!

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Fall Decorating Tips for an Awe-Inspiring Autumn!

initialed pumpkins, designer pumpkinsSummer comes and it seems like the blink of an eye before she’s gone! We’ve still got a good ways to go until it’s full on autumn – but if fall entertainment is your forte, now’s prime planning season! Leaves, pine cones, twigs, pumpkins, Indian corn – there are so many different fall decor staples it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when planning a seasonal event. Meanwhile, nobody wants their event to look just like their neighbor’s. How can you incorporate some of the traditional fall decor ideas but give them a fresh spin?

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In The Pale: Decorating with White

all-white roomPure white. Classic, clean, elegant, modern – this “un-color” is ironically one of the most striking hues with which to decorate! Versatile enough to go from the bathroom to the living room and everywhere in between, white decor offers a relatively easy way to inject sophistication into any surroundings – and it’s one of our favorite colors to use!

White works perfectly as an accent color, giving a modern, unexpected twist to more traditional decor, and for the more daring, all-white surroundings can create a striking, ultra-luxe look. You simply can’t go wrong with it – or can you?

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Moving in Atlanta: TBC Has a New Office!

moving box with dog, Atlanta relocationWe’re movin’ on up!

Many of our readers haven’t ever seen our Grant Park digs – in part because our posh pad has been quite tucked away! Well we’re moving in Atlanta – heading a little farther out, but hopefully, we’ll be a bit easier to find!

Our new address will be 5630 Gwaltney Drive in Atlanta, just outside the Perimeter.


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Stuff We Love: Savannah, GA!

spanish moss covered trees, Savannah Georgia treesIt’s a city off the coast of Georgia, far from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, the state’s capital and the southern metropolis that’s put Georgia on the map in the minds of many. Yet Savannah is one of Tony Brewer’s absolute favorite places to visit! It was a real treat when we recently had a chance to work on an event in Savannah. It meant several days in this historically-rich southern city – a getaway right here in Georgia! With cobblestone streets, centuries old facades, delicious treats and of course those romantically moss-covered trees, this coastal city is chock full of charm and it’s no wonder that Savannah and all it’s goodies are among the Stuff We Love! Check out some pictures of Tony’s favorite spots in the city – and make sure you try them out the next time you’re in town!

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Pinterest Finds: Brooch Bouquets Add Sparkle to Floral Tradition

wedding brooch bouquetOne of the things we love most about Pinterest is how plugging just a few words in to search can open up a world of visual beauty and glamour! And that’s just what happened when we were nosing around for brooches and happened upon page after page of gorgeous, glittering brooch bouquets!

An obvious take on the traditional wedding bouquet, these shimmering versions are created entirely from brooches – not quite as lightweight or sweet smelling as a bundle of roses, but who can deny how beautiful they are?

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Stuff We Love: Coral, Coral, Coral!

Is it pinkish-orange or orangish-pink? The charming duality of coral makes it both a perennial summer favorite and a great candidate for Stuff We Love.

And what’s not to love: Coral is one of those sweetspot colors that looks great on nearly any skin tone – from delicately pale to deep tawny – and can complement gold accessories as well as silver ones.

It’s a chameleon color in that it can seemingly take on more of a pink hue when paired with shades from that family, and pick up a tangerine hue when coupled with blazing orange! Perfect for nails, shoes, watches – it’s playful, versatile and absolutely a summer hit! Check out a few coral pieces we fell in love with below – and see if you don’t find yourself having an affair with coral too!

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Summer Fun: The 4 D’s of Outdoor Entertainment!

outdoor entertainmentCan you believe we’re already one week into summer? It puts us in the mind of one thing – outdoor entertaining! Be it a cookout, a graduation celebration or simply a day party, outdoor social events are a staple of the summer time – a benefit of the sunny weather and balmy temperature.

But with a summer full of seemingly endless outdoor social events laying ahead, how can you ensure your own event stands out? By asking Tony Brewer of course! Here are a few tips and ideas for making your outdoor entertainment efforts sparkle this season, built around what we like to call the Four D’s of Outdoor Entertainment.

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